What Landscaping Means to Me

Lawn with mixed rubble wall

Landscaping, by definition, is modifying the visible features of a piece of land or property, making it more attractive.  Just about anyone who has planted a tree, shrub, or perennial in their yard has done some landscaping.

Landscape Design is when a person creates a master plan, using existing elements of the area in question's micro climate, typography, drainage, etc., and adds according to their or their client's needs and preferences, with an artistic and/or borrowed influence.

Backyard with lush greenery, surrounded by trees

Landscape Development is taking a master plan and following it, taking an existing landscape and enhancing it, or rejuvenating an overgrown landscape.

Landscape Construction is making a landscape design a reality, normally with a crew and machinery, along with Hardscaping -- using pavers, constructing retaining walls, and more.


We all do some 'landscaping', and some design.  Taking the next step in developing a landscape is applying the skills I've honed over 40 years - knowing what a tree, shrub, or planting will look over the next 3, to 5, to 10 years.  Many, even within the landscaping profession, don';t take that into consideration.  They plant and plan for instant gratification.  Just a few years later, your landscape could be overgrown or in need of constant attention.  Without taking any responsibility, these same professionals will recommend ripping it all out and starting over.

What they don't realize, or simply don't care about, is how long it took for your rhodedendron, andromeda, or azalea took to grow as big as it did.  Simply by applying some patience, overgrown shrubs can be pruned back to its better days.  Evergreens, too (with even more patience !).  For all steps in between, there are many ways to make your landscape easier on the eye as it rejuvenates.


I love all aspects of landscaping -- taking what nature has given us and enhancing it, taking a blank canvas and creating something brand new, and rejuvenating and reviving a neglected or overgrown area.

I also love the design and development process.  Each client has their own idea of what they want their landscape to be.  I get excited with each new project and collaboration -- no two are the same!