I'm new at this-so bear with me. I have some pics- hopefully I can add them later.

I thought I made the word up- obviously not. It just means adding interest to your winter garden. We all do it with or wiithout knowing it at the time- an evergreen shrub or tree, a decidious tree with intersting branching- a weeping cherry or cutleaf japanese maple or a shrub or tree with eye catching bark- redtwig/ yellowtwig dogwoods or ornamental grasses.

Other ways to add interest is by taking this time to prune your evergreens- shrubs and trees and use them to fill out the containers/ planters from the summer that are now empty and looking quite drab. Those branches that you prune might look terrible at first glance and with too much 'wood', but don't be too quick cutting the wood off. When filling in a container with these branches much of the wood is lost in the container or in the bunching- you can always cut that branch back when filling out a pot- you can't make it longer. You can't go wrong with the mix either- I just keep mixing it up until I like it- and no need to make them matching or identical. This is a time to let your creative blood flow- make it yours- there is no wrong or right way. Some berries, pine cones or colorful branches are a nice addition at the end- I cut branches off dogwoods and paint them white with old spray paint or interior latex ceiling paint ( we all have a half can of that laying around ). If you don't have any planters to fill, you can use the branches cut from your evergreens to fill out the empty spaces in your planting beds. When your finished stand back, enjoy it and start thinking about next year's plan